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So I’ve been practicing web designing, and I am making the most of what I have. Good thing Mr.www.projectmanila.com and Ms. http://www.listless-tide.org constantly give me tips on how to improve my stuff.

web layout 9 1152x864 image

web layout 8 1152x864 image

web layout 6 1152x864 image

web layout 7 1152x864 image

I’ll tell you the good news next time.


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Web designing is not my expertise, but I want to penetrate the industry in the future or work as a freelance webdesigner someday so I’ve been practicing the craft. I don’t have the money and time to get into a formal training school or to engage myself in a crash course, so I just bug Mr. http://www.projectmanila.com and Ms. http://www.listless-tide.org from time to time to give me feedback on my works.

web layout 4

web layout 5

web layout 3

I really lack the fundamentals on web designing. So feel free to share your knowledge on this by commenting on my stuff. Thanks!

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