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So I’ve been practicing web designing, and I am making the most of what I have. Good thing Mr.www.projectmanila.com and Ms. http://www.listless-tide.org constantly give me tips on how to improve my stuff.

web layout 9 1152x864 image

web layout 8 1152x864 image

web layout 6 1152x864 image

web layout 7 1152x864 image

I’ll tell you the good news next time.


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Just another work for the band.

layout 47 5x7 image

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The whole band decided that we should take our photo taken. And since we love ourselves and each other so much, we tapped a friend to do it for us.

The whole process was fun. W was there, Edrick was there, Lelik was there, Kiko’s brother was there, and Gil and AJ (he owns the house that we whole-heartedly abused by the way) and Justice the Dog. Everyone contributed their own creative juice to make this whole thing possible. But of course, we focused more on how fun the whole thing actually is. We did not wear make ups, we used powder instead. Plus, preppy clothes.

We had pizza after.

Embracing Gunfire

Embracing Gunfire

Embracing Gunfire

Embracing Gunfire - Seth
Seth with his Firebird. He calls it his “Birdie”.

Embracing Gunfire - Francis
Francis a.k.a. Kiko with his very classy Ibanez.

Embracing Gunfire - Paolo
This is me hitting the air.

Embracing Gunfire - Dan
Dan preparing for a drumbeat.

Embracing Gunfire
Guitars / Vocals – Seth Estacio
Guitars / Back-up Vocals – Francis Balderama
Bass Guitars – Paolo Ruiz
Drums – Dan Torres

Thank you to everyone who made this possible. Jerome Albrando, Gil Sta. Ana, Patrick Arcilla, and AJ for letting us use your house. =)

I played around with some graphics after.=)

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