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On our way back from my Aunt’s resort in San Juan Batangas (Tivona Beach Resort), Mike suggested that we drop by Cafeno before we hit the road to Manila. He highly recommended the place, so the next thing we realized was the whole group was already dining in.

Their mugs deserve some hugs.

Lavish your taste buddies with some pastries.

Everything’s proper with some salt and pepper.

Sing like a bee with the Cafeno coffee.

Feel superior with their good interior.

Eggs Benedict at Cafeno
Prepare to get kicked by the Egss Benedict.
Two poached eggs, longganisa bits, served with bread or rice.

I failed to get the exact address and contact details of the place, but I know that it is across a gasoline station before you turn left going to Laiya.


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Nowhere Effin Fast

You end your day thinking what you have done today to achieve your goals. You end your day asking yourself if you have taken enough actions to get closer to your dreams. But then you’ll consider the factors around you. And you’ll end up saying: I’m going nowhere effin fast.

Nowhere Effin Fast

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As I took steady steps toward them, they huddled, screamed out of excitement, and posed the best smile they can ever project. They are the most excited pieces of life during that morning. No one can ever stop them from posing in front of my lenses – no worries, nothing held them back. For, as how the saying goes, they will only be young once.

They Will Only Be Young Once

They Will Only Be Young Once

They Will Only Be Young Once

They Will Only Be Young Once

They Will Only Be Young Once

Come to think of it, I was young once as well.

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I was invited to join her in her climb t Mt. Pinatubo, along with other travel photographers and back-packers. Never have I tried hiking before, so I did not really know what to expect.

The trip turned out to be more than an adventure for us. It was a reuniting moment with nature, clicking practice for me and my camera, and a test of endurance for the long hours of hike.

'08 Akyat Pinatubo 4

The adventure started off with a one-hour off road trip via 4×4 trucks. It was still early in the morning, the sunlight gave the best hue to every subject you can see around. Perfect time to get my camera clicking.
'08 Akyat Pinatubo 12

'08 Akyat Pinatubo 13

'08 Akyat Pinatubo 10

'08 Akyat Pinatubo 15

After a very bumby ride on our way to the foot of the volcano, we were warned ehem told to to brace ourselves for the hike. Some prayed with their groups, some stretched and warmed themselves up, but me and W took a leak instead.
'08 Akyat Pinatubo 8

'08 Akyat Pinatubo 9

Then the hike began. Not more than a minute after the start, I got sand and small stones in my sandals already. They were there the whole time. But it made me feel and appreciate the hike more.
'08 Akyat Pinatubo 7

'08 Akyat Pinatubo 6

'08 Akyat Pinatubo 3

As we reached the crater of the famous volcano, I have to admit, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. The view was breath-taking. The colors and the details of the mountain were very intricate. The lake that settled in its crater gave a cool breeze to the scenic picture. Everything was perfect. You can’t help but to take a second look everytime you remove your eyes at her.

'08 Akyat Pinatubo 1

Mt. Pinatubo 1

Before we went down, the rain poured hard as if welcoming and blessing us with her grace.

Mt. Pinatubo 4

Seriously, the whole experience is more than real. It is beyond words. If I am given the chance to do it all over again, I’ll definitely do it. Bring the same stuff, take W with me again, invite the same group of fun people, and tackle the challenge head first.

Thanks to The Travel Factor for giving opportunities to back-packers, photographers and travelers to see the wonders of our country. If you have a Multiply page, add them up: thetravelfactor.multiply.com

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