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I went with my Mom and Kuya to our province not so long ago to pay my tita a visit. It was a long time since the last time that I’ve been there so I was somehow excited (to take photos and all). It’s always nice to travel with your backpack, a kick-ass aviator glasses, and a camera.

paoloruiz 54

paoloruiz 55

paoloruiz 56

paoloruiz 57

paoloruiz 61

paoloruiz 60

paoloruiz 59

paoloruiz 58

paoloruiz 64

paoloruiz 63

paoloruiz 62

Walang gripo, pero may mahiwagang poso. Walang gas stove pero may old-school na pagluto. Simplicity at its best.


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Note to Self

This is an attempted design. It just so happened that my face is in it. Really.

Who is Me?

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Bitten: A Summer Party

A Summer Party

Bitten: A Summer Party
April 16, 9pm @ Kalye Brown, El Pueblo, Ortigas
with performances by: April Morning Sky, Boy Elroy, Angulo, Day One Movement, Sponge Cola and Chicosci

See you all there!

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Guard: Boy, para saan yan?
Me: Ay boss, kumukuha lang ako ng pictures ng ilaw.
Guard: Bakit nakatutok sa tao?
Me: Ay ganun ba? Hindi, uhm, (siyet nanginginig na ako) nagkataon lang. Sorry chip.
Guard: Sige. Baka kasi kung para saan yan eh.
Me: Ilaw lang boss. Ilaw. (Nyahahaha. Kala mo ah)

paoloruiz 48

paoloruiz 51

paoloruiz 52

paoloruiz 49

paoloruiz 50

paoloruiz 53

Ha, that was a close call. The camera is not mine, so I had to pull off the greatest escape (excuse) evah. I shall return, with a vengeance.

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Travel Photography Exhibit by Egan Jimenez.

When I got to the gallery, I saw a couple of guys drinking beers. I stopped for a while and actually asked myself if the exhibit was exclusive for close (intimate) friends of the photographer. I approached them and acted as if I just passed by. But I wasn’t able to control my mouth.

blurred focus 8

Me: Hi, I saw the invite at http://www.projectmanila.com so I decided to drop by.
Egan: Oh, hi. I’m Egan, and you are?
Me: Pao. Paolo Ruiz.
Egan: So you’re a photographer too?
Me: Uhm, not really. I am more into graphics and design.
Egan: Interesting. Come, feel free to see the photos. There’s a free icecream outside.
Me: Uy talaga? Awesome. Kuha muna ako.

blurred focus 7

blurred focus invite

blurred focus 1

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