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Mom and Tina’s

This place is just right across Love One Another Studio. This is a nice treat after a tiring recording session, or simply, a long day after work. I personally like the ambience of the place – couches, cross stitches, apron look and all. Plus, they serve good food too.

mom and tina's

mom and tina's 2

mom and tina's cheesedog
Cheesedog with mayonnaise on a sesame seed bun. Served with potato chips.

So if you are craving for some good pastries and a relaxing place to stay, drop by Mom and Tina’s. They are located at 106 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave (C5) Barrio Ugong, Pasig City. It’s across Tiendesita’s.

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Save Art

The band burned their asses last MOnday to finally finish a decent demo discr to be passed to Francis Brew of NU 107.5. One properly mixed track, two live recordings. The tunes actually sound decent. So by March 9 (yes, it’s the same day as the Incubus concert), I’ll be going with Anton and Niche to pass the cd. Finally.

saveart at LOA 1

saveart at LOA 2

saveart at LOA 3

saveart at LOA 4
I got high fever right now because of a busy weekend, but it’s all worth it.

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LockedDown presents: Lucky 13 Exhibit @ Pablo, Cubao X, Feb 23, 8pm
with Sandwich, PD, Cambio, Ill-J, Bagetsafonik, Monique, Chillitees, DJ Rye, and the Ronnies.

Lucky13 Exhibit @ Pablo Cubao X

Dudes from WeWillDoodle Philippines
The dudes of WeWillDoodle Philippines. Awesome group of artists by the way.

mogwai trio feb 23
Ryan, Aidz, and me. I was with them, but then they had to leave early.

mogwai cubao x
Mogwai, Cubao X

moogwai food feb 23
Good food.

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Edrick Daniel tapped me to attend this one. He’s one of the artists that was invited to exhibit their works during the event. I was dead tired during that day (I lack sleep, I think I’m dehydrated as well), but to have some artistic outlet from time to time won’t hurt, so I decided to go. Plus, he’s a good friend.

ALAY Paintings

ALAY Audience

edrick and his work
Edrick Daniel and his work.

Ipe and his work
Ipe and his work.

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I was invited to go to the first leg of the band’s bar tour. The event was held at Hard Rock Cafe, Glorietta. The crowd was neat, the music was invigoratingly awakening – the night was awesome.

moonstar 88 bar tour

moonstar 88 less the drummer

moonstar 88

fan that night
I was a fan that night. Thank you Omar and Tracy! =)




myx vote migraine(2366)

Here’s the schedule of Moonstar 88’s Todo Combo Bar tour:
Feb 22 – Hardrock Cafe Makati
Feb 29 – Off The Grill
March 4 – Big Sky Mind
March 6 – Route 196
March 7 – Capones
March 11 – Magnet, Katipunan
March 14 – Bagaberde, Pasig

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