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Meet Me Somewhere

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Amen To That

Someone once said that I cannot be trusted because I got so many plans. Amen to that.

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Ping Medina: Ano ang ginagawa pag may nawala?

Jett Pangan: Hinahanap.

Ping Medina: Pag ‘di mahanap?

Jett Pangan: Pinapalitan.

Ping Medina: Pag ‘di mapalitan?

Jett Pangan: Eh ‘di kinakalimutan.

Ping Medina: Pag ‘di makalimutan?

Jett Pangan: Tinatanggap.

Ang angas ng batuhan ng linya na ‘to. Sobrang nagandahan ako, na luminya na agad ang ngiti sa aking mga labi pagkatapos. Masasabi ko na ang prinsipyong ito ay di ma-aapply sa lahat ng bagay, pero siguro sa karamihan, oo.

Isa pa, nakakatuwa din dahil tunay na umarte ang mga myembro ng bandang The Dawn sa pelikulang ito. Hindi pang award-winning performance, pero pwede na para ma-justify nila ang roles nila. The best si Francis Brew. Hindi nakakatawa yung role nya, pero natatawa ako sa kanya.

Oo, kagabi ko lang napanood ang Tulad ng Dati.

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Text Text Muna

This is not about leaving. It is about doing something to follow my dreams.

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Vegetarian Bus Line

I hitched a ride with Justin on my way to the office this morning. It did not only save me time and money, but it also gave me the opportunity to abuse the comfort of his Toyota Land Cruiser. We were having a good laughter of excitement regarding the upcoming Incubus concert in Manila, until something caught our attention.

Pao: Justin, you see the design of that bus? (points to a G-Liner unit)

Justin: Uh… where?

Pao: Yung G-Liner.

Justin: Oh, what about?

Pao: Dont you think it’s weird that the design of their units is vegetable-inspired? See, it has vectors of vegetables all over. Labo pare.

Justin: Oo nga no. Maybe that’s what “G” stands for in G-Liner – gulay.

(Some moment of silence)

Both of us bursted with laughter. He has a point, and I think it’s not impossible that the owner of the business actually thought of Gulay Liner as a name for his business. Perhaps, he’s a vegetarian or he has this romantic relationship with vegetables. Darn, if ever, he has the making of a great pinakbet chef. Ok I’ll stop, I can see pictures in my thoughts already.

So everytime I’ll see a G-liner bus (it’s the green bus that travels from Taytay to Cainta To Ortigas to Quiapo), gulay would be the first thing in my mind. Next would be the odds of me getting a seat inside.

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Right Where I Am

I ask myself, how do I distinguish right fom left?

I remember when I was still a kid. My mom taught me to use my right hand when doing the sign of the cross, to place the spoon in my right when eating, to use my right hand when shaking hands, to be on the right side of the sidewalk at all times, to take the first right turn on the corner to reach our home, and the list goes on. Right, when I was still a kid, seemed to be so much defined. I can tell what is right from left in a blink of an eye.

But now that I’m a grown up already, right is having a blurry definition already. It’s getting harder to tell what right is.

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Lack of Good Words

I really am just lacking sleep lately. And I have to drag myself to work everyday. Nothing seems to make me look forward to anything anymore. I need to reinvent myself I guess. Grah, the lack of good words to utter. And there is more to this.

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