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Intensity in Ten Cities

So I’ve been practicing web designing, and I am making the most of what I have. Good thing Mr.www.projectmanila.com and Ms. http://www.listless-tide.org constantly give me tips on how to improve my stuff.

web layout 9 1152x864 image

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I’ll tell you the good news next time.

The last time that these guys went out to play music was two years ago (I think). And now,with some modifications in the lineup of the members (I now play bass for them), Embracing Gunfire is finally out again, to continue their unfinished mission – to build their empire.

EG 09-13-08-1

EG 09-13-08-3

EG 09-13-08-9

EG 09-13-08-11
(From left to right)
W, Me, Nina, Dan, Seth, Lelik, Kiko

Not bad for a first gig.

Photos taken by http://www.listless-tide.org

Forget the World with Her

Sometimes, I just want to get out, laugh out loud, and forget the world with her.

paolosruiz 225

paolosruiz 226

paolosruiz 227

Murder at the Market Place

Murder at the Market Place

Murder at the Market Place

Murder at the Market Place

Murder at the Market Place

Nothing beats this trip. This did not happen on a long weekend, nor on a holiday, but I told myself that I won’t miss this. I needed a break from the stress that my day job provides.

Beach, good laughs, and a camera. I knew this would be a perfect trip with my best friends.

*Kit and Jobo, sama kayo next time =)

Mike, Migs, Sharie, Justin, Dan, Me
Mike, Migs, Sharie, Justin , Dan, Me








Thanks for this.

Attempt to Design for Web

Web designing is not my expertise, but I want to penetrate the industry in the future or work as a freelance webdesigner someday so I’ve been practicing the craft. I don’t have the money and time to get into a formal training school or to engage myself in a crash course, so I just bug Mr. http://www.projectmanila.com and Ms. http://www.listless-tide.org from time to time to give me feedback on my works.

web layout 4

web layout 5

web layout 3

I really lack the fundamentals on web designing. So feel free to share your knowledge on this by commenting on my stuff. Thanks!